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US dollar bullish bets resume growth
US dollar bullish bets fall after FOMC hikes rates
US dollar bullish sentiment changes little ahead of Fed decision
Investors bullish on US dollar after nonfarm payrolls

Australian stock index AU200 may correct down amid sharp strengthening of Australian dollar. High rate of national currency may weigh on financial statement of exporters. Will AU200 continue falling? More Start trading with IFC Markets START TRADING Source: Technical Analysis

In this report we consider studying the personal composite instrument (PCI) ”whet against ruble”. It is growing on the chart when the global wheat prices advance and ruble weakens against the US dollar. Will Wheat/RUB continue advancing? More Start trading

The dollar uptrend has stalled as investors are looking for details how Trump’s proclaimed prо-growth policies will be formulated. And higher than expected German economic growth in 2016, according to preliminary reading, is bullish for euro. Will the euro continue

US stocks retreat ahead of earnings season US stocks closed lower on Thursday in anticipation of fourth quarter earnings data in US and details on tax cuts and massive infrastructure projects proclaimed by the newly elected US president Donald Trump.