A commodity can be defined as any physical substance (like grains or metals) that can be interchanged with another product of the same type.  Commodity trading is like any other instrument, which means that the investor’s major goal is buying


Commodity trading offers investors a great chance to diversify their investment portfolios and serves as an effective way to make large gains from global demand. But what are commodities and what is commodity trading? Commodities may be defined as goods


In recent years a huge number of people have chosen Forex as the easiest way to make significant profits. This market is currently referred to as the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world with a volume


CFD or Contract for Difference is essentially a contract between a client and a broker, it is where a trade is entered and exited. CFDs are tradable instruments that mirror the movements of the asset underlying it. Currently CFDs are


Nowadays forex trading is becoming increasingly popular, as it serves as an effective way to make some extra money. The forex is considered to be the world’s largest market in terms of the total cash value traded. In fact, any