Forex Infographics

The infographics are used for presenting complex information clearly and serve as a tool to educate and inform. You can find here various infographics concerning different financial issues, like Forex trading, currency market and stock trading.

Rise of the forex empire

This infographic describes the forex market, from its beginnings to today’s success. You have the precious opportunity of exploring the history of the largest financial market in the world. It also refers to interesting facts about forex market, for instance,


The infographic below aims to help traders master forex trading and offers useful tips that can serve as your key to success in forex world. It also provides information about technical analysis that are used by forex trading experts, as


The infographic below refers to the Business model adopted by IFC Markets. You have the opportunity of exploring a trustworthy relations model of the client and the company. You can also get acquainted with the advantages of IFC Markets, including


Forex, foreign exchange market or FX has become the most traded market recently, it has a turnover of several trillions per day. If you are eager to learn more about “what is forex trading?” and “how does it work?” have


Currently there are 180 currencies in circulation throughout the world and most of foreign exchange transactions are processed in a half-dozen of those currencies. If you are willing to gain information about the brief history of the four most traded


The infographic below refers to the principals of forex in 5 steps and offers a good chance to learn about forex trading, currency distribution in forex market, the difference between forex market and stock market and other useful issues concerning


IFC Markets created the infographic below to refer to the study of the Coffee/Cocoa PCI instrument. It gives you a good opportunity to explore some interesting facts about these products, for instance, European share of world cocoa consumption is 50%,